They Call It Organic SEO Because It Takes Time And Care

Doing organic SEO is very much akin to doing organic gardening: it takes time, expertise, and constant attention. On the web, there’s a slight variation on the old saying: “You’ve got fast, cheap, and long-term. You can get any two of those at a time, but you can’t get all three.” Pay-per-click management is the fast, cheap version. Buying advertising space on high-traffic websites is the fast, long-term option. Organic SEO is the cheap, long-term option.

Seeing as the ‘cheap’ options are often intimidating, price-wise, for startup websites, advertising space is usually right out the window unless you’re already a major player. Some gurus advocate using only Organic SEO to get your website off the ground, but that’s only a great solution if you can wait, like a gardener, until harvest season in order to eat. PPC management</> is the hunter/gatherer of the clan, bringing in meat and fruit and nuts to eat today so that the organic SEO can have time to grow, blossom, and bear fruit.

Organic SEO works by slowly over time building your website’s authority in the eyes of the search engines, often specific to individual keywords. For example, your SEO company might do some keyword research and determine that you’re likely to get a lot of customers that are searching for the term “fainting goats”. They’ll then go out and build, over months, hundreds of “fainting goats” backlinks to your site, until the search engines finally get the clue that ‘hey, maybe this site is about fainting goats!’ Then, they’ll keep pushing the envelope until the search engines say ‘hey, this site is one of the best sites about fainting goats!’ And that’s when the fruit is born.

The fruit, of course, is traffic. Once your website has been ranked in the top few for its keywords, people will see it when they search for that keyword, and they’ll click on it, and some of them will buy from it. It’s not fast traffic (and thus not fast money), but the best part about SEO is that you almost never have to redo it. It continues to build on itself like a perennial garden constantly in bloom.