The Secret to a Successful Mobile Website Design

Changes in Technology

In this day and age where everyone owns some kind of mobile smart device that is connected to the internet 24/7, you can’t be paying enough attention to the relevance that mobile website design has and the impact it can have on your web traffic.

Changes in Consumer’s Habits

There has been a change in the way user’s search and spend their time online. Years ago, everyone would sit on a computer, which was often shared by the entire family, on a slow connection and a big screen with low resolution. Today, every member of a family has at least one device where they can browse the internet for information on a fast connection and on a high resolution screen, which in turn is a little bit smaller. So what is the outcome of this change in trends? Most websites have forgotten to adapt their content to be readable on these devices, therefore losing a lot of readability and consequently traffic.

Secrets to Retain Your Visitors

Below you will find the ingredients necessary so that you accomplish a friendly mobile website design in order to retain your visitors:

  • It should be easy to read and navigate: most website layouts that are not responsive warp all out of shape and text gets on top or below images making it difficult to access content and links
  • It should load faster than the full blown website, since the connection may still be fast, but the amount you can fit on the screen is less you should make sure that the site loads as fast as possible and before the user gets into the subway and losses their internet connection.
  • In terms of navigation you should make sure that there is a search box available
  • That presence and accessibility to the social network profile
  • And the necessary contact information at a click’s distance.

If you can achieve this difference in layout, you will most surely be already ahead of the fierce competition that is present all around the internet. If you can’t, your website will most likely become obsolete and fade away in time until you get your hands on to it an refresh it to have this friendly responsive mobile website design.