The Right Way to Get Backlinks

A backlink to your website serves a few purposes. It provides search engines with the ability to find your website on the internet by following preexisting sites to yours. It also allows search engines to rank your website based on who else is willing to link to you. And finally, it allows people to find you by following links from other sites.

Most marketers will tell you that any publicity is good publicity but in the case of backlinks, it’s not exactly true. There are a few types of backlinks which can damage your websites reputation. Paid links, for example, can be fatal for your site. Most search engines look very badly on websites who use this type of service. Link farms are another type of bad publicity. A link farm is a series of websites linking to each other in hope of raising the PageRank of each site. Google’s web spiders can detect a link wheel and often will not list your site on their search engine.

The best links between websites are the honest ones. These can only be made by having a quality website. In order to have a quality website, follow these steps:

Write quality content. All it takes is to practice writing. You will eventually improve your skills after doing some blog posting.

Promote good content. When writing your content, include a few links to other good content. Even if your content is not well-written, your readers will give you credit for providing good content by linking to good content.

Support good content. Do some reading, and once you find some related content that’s of good quality, comment on it. This is very similar to forum posting. Just include a link to your website in the comment.

Contribute to the internet. The easiest way to get a large amount of backlinks is to contribute something useful to the internet. By blog posting quality how-to articles or offering a useful service, contributing to the internet in a useful way will build major traffic.

Building quality links from other websites takes a lot of time but by providing  a quality website, backlinks will happen on their own.