The Directory Submission Protocol For Success

When you start a website you need to make certain it you go through the directory submission process. A failure to put your website in the directory is a failure to get it crawled by search engine bots like Google spiders and Yahoo bots. Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the three major directory submissions you need to make certain you do as soon as you launch your live website.

The domain provider and host is not going to do this work for you. Even WordPress does not put you in the directory submission. You have to follow through with each of the search sites based on the method your website host requires.

There is a protocol, which differs from WordPress to a host like GoDaddy. Some of the tools will be available such as WordPress where you go into the directory link generate a code for Google and then enter it into the WordPress page. For other hosts, you have to go directly to each search engine.

Once you have your website in the directory submission there is another protocol to follow through with. This is the article directory submission. Every time you have an article that you want to get out to the world you have the option of putting it into the article directories so you can be found. Make sure the directories you choose are harder to get into as this cuts down on the spam. You also want to know where the directory is listed and the age of the directory as this also determines quality.