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New features of responsive web design to look out for

With the growth of the mobile web we’ve seen fascinating new way of extra responsive web design cropping up, and they’re changing the way we browse the web in a beautiful way. Recent developments are beginning to make the way we browse the web more effective, more responsive, and more beautiful. This is why mobile web design is now more crucial than ever for the success of your website. 

It seems like every day some new revolution is making the news, but here are our favourite recent developments in responsive web design, you’ve probably seen some of them already, but might not know much about them.

– Ghost buttons
Ghost buttons are small transparent icons that take replace the buttons you’re more familiar with clicking on. Traditional button icons which you use to move from page to page, or make selections were very solid, and seemed fixed in place. Ghost buttons seem like a layer above the content below, and can blend seamlessly with the background, giving design the foreground, while functionality becomes more discrete.

– Hidden Menus
Very popular now for shopping sites, especially in the fashion industry, but by now popular in pretty much any industry, hidden menus. Again menus were traditionally more solid, now menus can slide or fade in and out of view as you navigate the page. This is great for a few reasons, firstly it allows for far more ease when browsing, not needing to return to a fixed menu, now it comes with you.

Also because the menu hides when you’re not using it, the whole page space can be dedicated to the content, far more focussed. Focus is a trend in design more generally too and is changing the colour of the internet.

– Colour
When the internet was new, it was cool to be flashy. Bright colours, text, elaborate font, and a general lack of taste were in. Design has recently got much classier though, and more gentle tonal colours help the user to focus on the content, and not the page it’s on.

Integrating Responsive and Adaptive Principles to Defeat Mobile Web Design Challenges

In today’s society, most people are own smart phones and iPads or Kindles. Consumers want information to be readily available, in their hands. Most people even become very impatient when information is not instantly available. This is why it is very important to businesses to have a mobile-friendly web site.

  • Making your site mobile: It is not a simple task to take a readily available, working website and also make it mobile. There are many constrictions such as limited screen resolution. When creating a mobile website design, the best thing to do is to combine both a responsive and adaptive web design.
  • Responsive: A responsive web design uses a fluid grid notion and does not require owners to change any of the content for the mobile website design. This is because it is ensured that content can be adjusted to any screen, by CSS, media queries and HTML5. Creating a responsive website is fairly simple and is cost effective. There are some confines to a responsive website design thought. Responsive sites usually take longer to load because it is not programmed to worry about different behavioral data that comes with using a mobile page.
  • Adaptive: An adaptive web design is more costly than a responsive design, however, the adaptive design is very devoted, which doubles your time and cost working on the website and design. However, all the links found on the webpage will be found to be finger-friendly.
  • The Combination: By combining both adaptive and responsive web design plans for your website, you will be able to enjoy a trouble free website that is readily made available for others with their mobile devices. By using this mobile website design you can truly find how easy it is to maintain and enjoy the increased revenue that goes with more people visiting your site as soon as they want to.
  • Difficulties: The approach of combining both adaptive and responsive web design to will hold some difficulties. The way that the site is built may need to be changes in order for it to work differently on resizing, animation, and special distribution. Although there are few difficulties with theses designs, in the end, the users will have the best experience possible.