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Using Local Internet Marketing to Make a Big Splash in Your Home Town

Market analysis is one of the first steps in the internet marketing process. Who exactly are you selling your product or service to? If you’re a national or international service you’ll want to reach a broad range of potential customers and clients around the world. If you’re a small shop relying on local traffic, the internet can still be a valuable tool for you. Using local internet marketing you can make a splash in your home town. You might even find its better than the print or media advertising you’re doing now.

SEO911 is an organic SEO company. We help businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve high page rank in search engine algorithmic calculations. That has been our primary purpose for over a decade now and it’s not likely to change any time soon, but the nature of our clients has changed in just the past two years. SEO, once only for the big corporations and national retail chains, has now entered the world of Mom and Pop. Local stores and independent service providers can take advantage of affordable prices and local tools to help drive in traffic from their natural market.

When we first started out in Los Angeles SEO, there was a telephone directory in every home. Those big yellow books might still be around, but fewer and fewer consumers are using them. The preferred tool for finding a product or service today is the search box. If you’re not showing up on the top of Page One for your industry keywords, you are losing business to your competitors. Even worse, some of those competitors could be miles away. Your potential customers can’t come to you if they don’t see your listing.

Here at SEO911, we focus on local keywords and local search engines for those companies that come to us looking for local traffic. It’s much easier to do than it sounds. Your competitors have probably overlooked the value of incorporating the name of your community into blog posts and web content. If you start doing it, you could be on top in just a few weeks. Contact us to learn more.

After Google Panda, Does Article Marketing and Distribution Still Work?

On February 24, 2011, Google announced changes to their search ranking algorithm that affected 11.8% of all websites on the internet. It was a long overdue and not unforeseen change that addresses the issues of link farms and poor quality content on the internet. The changes, known as Google Panda or Google Farmer, make many former SEO techniques obsolete. Fortunately, those methods were only used by what is known in our industry as “Black Hat” SEO companies. Our proven organic SEO practices are still working just fine. Among them is article writing and distribution.

Google Panda penalizes duplicate content and devalues what is known as link farms, or sites that will take any submission just to build content on their site. Many article directories fall into this category. They have no editorial process to measure quality or accuracy, so they will publish just about anything. These sites have all been weighed and measured by Google spiders and most of them won’t give you any link juice at all now if you post a link there. Some might even hurt you.

Other article directories, those that have an editorial process and some guidelines, like Ezine Articles for instance, are still effective tools for building links and driving traffic back to your website. Here at SEO911, we know which sites those are and we focus on them. We also employ only the very best content writers in the Los Angeles SEO industry to write your articles for you. Quality counts and we have it to offer here. The articles that we publish in your name reflect on you and your company, so we demand that they be top quality, accurate, and engaging to the reader.

At SEO911, we offer affordable SEO services that are also effective. We keep the price down by streamlining our processes and focusing on what works, not wasting our time with what doesn’t. When the Google Panda report was first published, many companies in our industry went into a panic. Our team members simply smiled and acknowledged that it was a long time coming. We have been in this business for over a decade and we grew up alongside Google. Our people know what they want and we’ve been doing it all along. None of our clients were affected by the changes.

They Call It Organic SEO Because It Takes Time And Care

Doing organic SEO is very much akin to doing organic gardening: it takes time, expertise, and constant attention. On the web, there’s a slight variation on the old saying: “You’ve got fast, cheap, and long-term. You can get any two of those at a time, but you can’t get all three.” Pay-per-click management is the fast, cheap version. Buying advertising space on high-traffic websites is the fast, long-term option. Organic SEO is the cheap, long-term option.

Seeing as the ‘cheap’ options are often intimidating, price-wise, for startup websites, advertising space is usually right out the window unless you’re already a major player. Some gurus advocate using only Organic SEO to get your website off the ground, but that’s only a great solution if you can wait, like a gardener, until harvest season in order to eat. PPC management is the hunter/gatherer of the clan, bringing in meat and fruit and nuts to eat today so that the organic SEO can have time to grow, blossom, and bear fruit.

Organic SEO works by slowly over time building your website’s authority in the eyes of the search engines, often specific to individual keywords. For example, your SEO company might do some keyword research and determine that you’re likely to get a lot of customers that are searching for the term “fainting goats”. They’ll then go out and build, over months, hundreds of “fainting goats” backlinks to your site, until the search engines finally get the clue that ‘hey, maybe this site is about fainting goats!’ Then, they’ll keep pushing the envelope until the search engines say ‘hey, this site is one of the best sites about fainting goats!’ And that’s when the fruit is born.

The fruit, of course, is traffic. Once your website has been ranked in the top few for its keywords, people will see it when they search for that keyword, and they’ll click on it, and some of them will buy from it. It’s not fast traffic (and thus not fast money), but the best part about SEO is that you almost never have to redo it. It continues to build on itself like a perennial garden constantly in bloom.

PPC Management Is Nitrous Oxide For Your Web Business

PPC Management is the complex and wonderful art of taking a massive swath of long-tail keywords, keyword variants, and negative keywords and creating a pay-per-click advertising campaign that will bring in some serious traffic flow without draining your pocketbook. Without a professional PPC manager, your chances of blowing all of your money on almost no results is…well, let’s say ‘significant’. But with a pro on your side, you can turn pay-per-click from a minefield into a gold mine.

organic SEONormally, a new business starting online has a huge upward climb to anywhere near the top. While it’s utterly vital in the long run, organic SEO takes about a million years to kick in to the point where you can run a business off of it and be busy doing it. But with a solid dose of nitrous — in the form of a well-run PPC campaign — you can get your business on the first page of the search engines literally overnight, and stay there. That means more traffic, more conversions, and more money (which, if you’re smart, you’ll reinvest some of into your SEO!)

The downside, of course, is that pay-per-click advertising is always a gamble — it does cost money, and it doesn’t guarantee traffic. But if you look carefully at the places that do offer traffic for money at a regular rate, virtually none of them offer targeted traffic. That’s what makes PPC so special — your ads literally only appear in front of people who are looking for something related to your offer!

It’s not like television or radio where you put a jingle out there and hope it sticks in someone’s head until they remember days later that they need to go buy something, and you hope they buy YOUR something. It’s like you can play them the jingle as they’re in the isle, walking toward the something rack, and you’re literally shoving your something into their hands as they walk.

Of course, the skill in PPC comes in determining which keywords, which prices, and which targets to focus on. Pick the wrong ones, and you can spend a thousand dollars and get twenty visits. Pick the right one, and you can spend twenty dollars and get a thousand visits. That’s exactly why every startup website should consider investing in a PPC management expert for their pay-per-click campaigns.

Turn Your SEO Into $EX with Targeted Email Marketing

Everyone knows that the first step to success online is getting traffic — that’s why we all have SEO experts — but some of those website SEO companies seem to forget that there’s another step to the process, in which you turn SEO efforts into traffic and traffic into $EX — that’s shorthand for Extra Money! The leading tool in the industry to make that happen is an old internet marketer’s tactic called targeted Email marketing.

organic SEOTargeted email marketing, when you first read it, sounds kind of like it could be a synonym for ‘spam’ — and some (failed) marketers treat it that way. But they’re kind of ignoring that first word: targeted. You shouldn’t ever send out an Email to someone that hasn’t asked for it.

“But who would ask me to send them Email?” you say. Excellent question. Stop and ask yourself — have you ever asked someone you didn’t know to send you an Email? The answer is ‘probably’ — either because they had information you didn’t, or because it was a prerequisite to downloading something you wanted to download. That’s exactly how you target your future customers. Put up something free (and relevant to your web business) online, stick a “you must enter your email address here” window between them and the free thing, and then use your SEO powers to drive some traffic to that site.

Some people will see your offer, they’ll sign up, they’ll read your (expertly-crafted) free whatchamacallit, and blam! Some time later, you’ve got a decent list of Email addresses to send out to. Now, the key is to not scare them off. If you spam them with requests to buy stuff, you’ll do just that. Instead, you should reassure them that you’re on their side. Send them some updates about your topic of choice, or just some more detail to add on to whatever was in the free whatchamacallit. Just don’t send them anything irrelevant or profit-seeking, not for a few weeks.

Once you’ve got them interested in the next thing that comes out of your mouth, THEN you try to sell them something. Craft your request for money carefully, and you’ll have them eating out of the palm of your hand — and that’s how you get your $EX.

The Strongest Weapon In The SEO Arsenal Is…Article Writing and Distribution!

It’s true — article writing and distribution is, over the long term and when well-done, the best thing you can do to improve your website’s business. The benefits of getting articles written well and distributed properly are unlike any other SEO activity — the only downside is that you can easily end up spending much more time on article writing and distribution than you do on any other activity! But if you can get a good system in place, the process can become extraordinarily beneficial.

Why Articles?

Articles have multiple layers of benefits that work together in support of your business. From an organic SEO perspective, they offer solid backlinks from authority websites that have been in business for a significant period of time, and from a page that is directly relevant to yours. Just as important, they offer customizable anchor text, so you can focus directly in on the keyword you want. That’s a pretty decent boost in your weight for that keyword, and doubly so if the article is optimized for the same keywords.

From a sales-funnel perspective, every article that links to your website can be regarded as another entry point in your funnel; another way in which the customer might find you. Even if your website never reaches the first page of rankings for a particular keyword, your article might, and that’s still a fairly good place to be.

From a traffic perspective, if your article is interesting enough to keep people reading and the call-to-action is strong, it will drive traffic to your site. If it’s ranked decently for the relevant keyword, it will drive more. What’s best is that it will continue driving traffic essentially forever. There are websites today that are getting regular hits from articles they wrote six years ago. That means every article you write contributes to your long-term passive traffic.

A Good System

organic SEOThere is only one really good system for pumping out articles with both the numbers and quality you need to take advantage of all of those aspects: hire a team of experts to do it for you. It might sound silly at first, but it’s one of the best long-term investments in the health of your website that you can possibly make.

SEO Synergies: Social Bookmarking and Directory Submission

When you’re working up a strong SEO plan for your website, you’d be foolish to ignore some of the natural synergies that occur between SEO activities like social bookmarking and directory submission. Let’s talk a tiny bit about what each of those are, and then we’ll explain why they work in concert to provide a huge SEO boost under the right circumstances.

Directory Submission

Directory Submission is simply the act of finding relevant, high-authority directories and submitting your website to those directories. The benefits of directory submission are simple: you get a decent backlink, and many times in the infancy of your website, the directory will rank higher for general keywords than your site does. Surfers are more likely to find your site through the directory than they are to find it straight through the search engines, at least until your SEO plan kicks in and you get a bit higher up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Social Bookmarking

directory submissionSocial bookmarking is what you do on sites like Delicious, Reddit, Digg, and StumbleUpon. It’s one of the driving factors behind much of the ‘viral’ nature of the modern Internet — and it’s exactly why every single blog and many webpages have “Digg this”-style buttons all over them. Search engines love social bookmarks, because they come across as ‘honest’, and are therefore generally given more weight.

The Synergy

So how do you use these two SEO tools together to create a synergistic effect? It’s actually pretty simple, when you get right down to it: you use social bookmarking to create links to your directory submissions. Social bookmarking totally allows you to create deep links, and linking straight to the page that mentions your website — especially using anchor text that happens to be your website’s subject — makes Google think slightly higher of that page especially as regards that subject. Repeat over dozens of social bookmarking sites, and the net effect is quite likely to be a noticeable one.

You’re essentially supporting a page that you’ll be relying on to help drive traffic by doing something that you’re already doing — at the same time that you’re socially bookmarking your home site, you can bookmark the directory, and have a decent extra boost for almost no work.

The Trifecta Of Dangerous SEO: Blog Posting, Forum Posting, and the Press Release Service

Off-page SEO, in general, can — and often should be — looked at in terms of how ‘secure’ your SEO investment is, ranging from the very secure like article writing and distribution to the largely insecure, like blog posting, forum posting, and engaging a press release service. The difference is that, by and large, the more dangerous SEO involves putting a link somewhere that might have little to no effect for various reasons — but at the same time, might have an explosive or even viral effect.

Blog Posting
This doesn’t refer to the art of creating your own blog and keeping up on it — by ‘blog posting’, we mean ‘commenting on relevant blogs’. Blog comments are dangerous links for one simple reason: they can be edited away at any time by an overzealous blogger who decides that you’re only in it for the backlink (or he just doesn’t like what you have to say.) Blog posting is also moderately dangerous in that it can be difficult to exactly match a blog with the subject matter of your website, and backlinking sites that Google thinks is irrelevant can be destructive to Google’s impression of what your site is actually about.

On the other hand, Google adores blogs, and gives them a startling amount of weight — so a comment from a good, relevant blog tends to do more for your rankings than a similar link from a non-blog site. That power makes blogs attractive enough to keep commenting on regardless of the danger.

Forum Posting
Like blog posting, forums generally involve an administrator who can arbitrarily remove all of your links on a whim. That’s not good. On the other hand, getting a good link in your signature on some active forums are likely to drive long-term traffic. Forum posts are also relatively likely to get linked to from elsewhere, making forum signature links a pretty valuable tool despite the risks.

Press Release Service
blog posting, forum postingA Press Release is always an OK thing to do — at the minimum, you’ll get a few backlinks from a few moderate-PR sites that list every press release ever released. But a press release is unique in that it’s essentially designed to go viral — i.e. get syndicated across multiple news sites — from the get-go. The danger in a press release isn’t that you might lose it entirely, like the others, but that you might sink a lot of time and effort into making a great press release only to have it ignored.

How To Get Affordable SEO Without Sacrificing Effective SEO

Affordable SEO comes in two very different flavors. There’s the kind SEO where someone thinks they know what they’re doing, and so they hire a bunch of freelancers from overseas to do menial SEO tasks, and the kind where they DO know what they’re doing, and so they hire a professional SEO company that happens to not cost all that much. Guess what? One works, and the other doesn’t.

When you’re a web-based business owner, it’s natural to learn a little bit about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, along the path to success. But many business owners hear about a tactic or two that a peer has used (and credits with his success), and they decide to imitate it without actually understanding what they’re doing. The classic example is that webmaster who goes onto ELance or ODesk and hires a smooth-typing Filipino or Indian man to make blog comments or forum posts for him.

article writing and distributionMake no mistake — there are thousands of very talented Filipinos and Indians out there who can do SEO like nobody’s business, and kick a lot of butt at it. But there are HUNDREDS of thousands of hacks that will pretend to be those talented people, and they’ll take your money, and they’ll even do the work according to whatever technical specifications you spell out — but they won’t understand WHY they’re doing what they’re doing, and in SEO, that can make all of the difference.

For example, let’s say you hire a guy to write articles for you and turn them in to some article directories. If he’s good, he’ll understand that articles have a dual purpose — to provided a custom-anchored backlink from a respectable site, and to drive traffic to your page by offering interesting content and a strong call-to-action. But if he’s of the caliber typically hired by an expert SEO company, he’ll also know that his article writing and distribution service needs to include little details like a strongly-keyworded synopsis that will generate a summary page that will, all on it’s own, rank decently for the keywords in question, collecting and driving traffic all it’s own.

Sure, the expert SEO company might cost noticeably more than hiring freelancers, but in the end, you’ll always be happy you did — freelancers are a horrible gamble. All too often, what you think will be some affordable SEO turns out to be a horrible waste of time and money.

Marketing An Ultra Niche Website: SEO For The Extremely Specific

There are a lot of different kinds of businesses online, the specifics of the website SEO tactics used by each depends a bit on what kind of page is being serviced. For example, a website that has a very broad focus and invites user-generated content on a variety of topics (think, for example) benefits a lot more from user-generated hubbub than an ultra niche website that zooms in on one aspect of one part of one category of one subject — think That kind of supernarrow focused website has it’s own unique flavor of SEO that can be broken down into four general areas.

Part one: Finding An Audience

If you’re going to create the next ultra niche website, the first thing you need is an audience. You can make a website that’s all about using a 3D printer to create models of the characters from Magic: The Gathering cards — but how many people are going to get excited enough to pay for your guide to crafting the perfect Llanowar Sentinel?

Now, most people would tell you that this isn’t SEO-relevant, but that’s because they’re not thinking it out. What kind of communities online would be interested in this sort of thing? Forums. What do SEO companies think of forums? That they’re wonderful places to get backlinks from. So, when you find an audience for your product, you’ve also already set yourself up for your first stage of SEO!

Part two: Building A Following

The next step is to get people listening to you and interested in what you have to say. Coincidentally, one of the top-tier SEO strategies of the day is blogging. Get your blog set up by an SEO expert, post to it regularly using the keywords your expert gives you, and you’re well on your way to not only building a following, but getting some serious search engine love for your ultra niche site as well.

Part three: Build The List

website SEOFinally, you’ve got people waiting for your next post both on the forum and on your blog. It’s time to introduce the killer tool in the ultra niche arena: targeted Email marketing. Put up a squeeze page, offer something cool and unique (and relevant and free!) in exchange for an email address, and build your list. Send out Emails to your list about your topic — in addition to your blog and forum posts — and when you’ve got a decent following reading your emails regularly, drop in your offer. They won’t all buy — they never all buy — but many will, and those people you add to a second, more elite mailing list for repeat customers. They will be your bread and butter for as long as you love them.

How PPC Management Can Be Part of an Organic SEO Campaign

Isn’t PPC management an SEM technique, the opposite of SEO? That was the pitch line for years when search engine optimization was still in its infancy. Those who were trying to break into the industry a few years back felt the need to position themselves as the alternative to those “search marketing” techniques that you had to pay for. Thousands of dollars were spent trying to discredit the value of Pay Per Click and promoting the effectiveness of SEO. The idea was foolish and many promising internet marketers failed because of it. We learned early on that PPC can enhance SEO efforts if used correctly.

One of the benefits of being one of the first companies involved in an industry is the experience gained from watching others make mistakes. SEO911 has been around as long as the search engines have, so we know what they’re looking for when they rank websites. We also know that high volume traffic can create additional links to your site, valuable links that are created naturally without a submission process. How many times have you bookmarked a site you found interesting? That bookmark is a backlink.

PPC is also a good way for us to test the modifications we make to your landing pages and overall web design. Our website SEO teams have over a decade of experience designing landing pages that convert, but there’s no more effective way to test than to run a PPC or targeted email marketing campaign and track conversions. We’ll often set up A/B testing to track a few different landing pages so we can determine which one will bring you the most sales or sign ups.

Small business SEO companies are notorious for shrouding themselves in mystery. The unexplainable always seem to cost more and the client rarely knows exactly why. At SEO911 we take a different approach to internet marketing and search engine optimization. Our experts want you to know what we’re doing and why. Those other guys are secretive because of the tactics they use, practices known as black hat SEO. We’re the good guys. Give us a try and see for yourself.

What it Takes to Be the Best in Los Angeles SEO

We know. It’s a bold statement to say that SEO911 is the best in Los Angeles SEO, but we have the results to prove it. Our clients consistently show up on search engine Page One for their industry keywords. That pretty much sums up why we’re one of the most sought after internet marketing firms in LA. In these uncertain economic times, business owners need to be sure that they’ll get results when they spend money on an SEO campaign. We don’t just get results; we get documented results you can see.

Beginning with a thorough analysis of your business, our team of internet marketing professionals will keep you apprised every step of the way about each move that we make. When we do link building, we explain why we select the sites and directories we submit you to. If a PPC campaign will help you, we don’t just run it. We explain why we think it’s a good idea and then show you the results as they come in. Our analytics track hits, traffic sources, time on site, conversions, bounce rate, and other dynamics that will tell us who and where your customers are and when they’re shopping.

If you’ve never hired an organic SEO company before, you are fortunate to have come here first. Many of the players in our industry use whatever means possible to get you to spend thousands of dollars each month. They insist on package pricing and can rarely give you reasonable justification for the rates they charge. The SEO industry itself spent many years shrouded in secrecy because of those behaviors, making it more difficult for legitimate companies to do business. SEO911 doesn’t operate that way.

Remember the old cowboy movies when the bad guys wore black hats and the good guys wore white? It’s not that easy to distinguish who’s who when you do business on the internet. That’s why we practice full disclosure with all of our clients and we don’t take shortcuts or use black hat SEO techniques. It seems to work for us. As we said at the top, we’re the very best in Los Angeles SEO.

If You Don’t Have a Mobile Website Design, You’re Losing Customers

How do you access the internet? If you asked that question five years ago, most people would tell you that they used their home computer, either a PC or a Mac. If you ask that same question today, more than half of the consumers you survey will tell you that they use a mobile device of some kind. If your business doesn’t have a mobile website design that can be seen by those users, you’re losing potential customers. Despite advances in technology that have made mobiles more powerful, many of them still can’t handle complex graphics or video. Your site might look cool to you, but they can’t see it.

At SEO911, one of our specialties is creating mobile websites for our customers. It’s one of the first things we recommend when we begin any marketing campaign. Our goal is to get your site to rank, but that rank does you no good if no one can see it when they click the link. The mobile version might be a little less fancy, but it will capture the traffic that’s searching for you and increase your sales, especially if you market to kids or professionals who are on the move all the time.

To get the most out of one of our small business SEO packages, you’ll want to take advantage of services that help you. Before we begin any campaign, we’ll sit down with you and explain what we have available. Our team of experts will evaluate your business and determine who we want to market your products or services to. If what you have is typically purchased by a younger consumer group, one that is mobile all the time, we’ll create a mobile website for you and then run our campaign.

On the flip side, if your target market is made up of desktop or laptop users, maybe we’ll add a web presenter to spice up your website a bit and have our web design team incorporate better graphics or video. There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, and we know it. Technology changes, search engine algorithms change, and the nature of your business might change. We’ve been in business for over a decade because we know how to adjust to those changes. Give us a call and we’ll help you do the same.

It’s Important to Be Selective when you do Directory Submission

Not every link is a good link, so when it comes time to do directory submission you’ll want to be selective. Automated do-it-yourself services will tell you that directories with low PR ratings are okay because they can grow into something more powerful, but what if they’ve already been rated higher and have lost some of their juice due to poor editorial standards or deceptive practices? The algorithms that rank websites also determine what a directory listing is worth. Some can actually hurt you.

There is no substitute for manual directory submission by SEO specialists who know something about how a site is ranked and what to avoid when you’re doing link building. At SEO911, our information is always current because we have teams of people tracking it using some of the most advanced software available. Each of the directories that we submit to has been thoroughly screened and verified as a link that will be counted by Google, Yahoo, Alta Vista, and others. Each link we build for you will help you achieve your goal of getting to the top of search engine page one, not send you backwards.

Link building is the heart and soul of search engine optimization. For many years, it was the main focus because search engines only counted the number, not the value of links. Today, that’s not the case. Poor quality content and non-related websites ranking for the wrong keywords created a need for changes in the algorithms that determine page rank. If you’re doing organic SEO now, not only does the relevance of your own website count, but the legitimacy of any site you link to is taken into account also.

Directory submissions and social bookmarking are two of the most tedious tasks performed by internet marketing professionals. Many of them choose to outsource these services, thinking that any submission is a good one. At SEO911, we know different. Many of our staff members have been in the industry for over a decade and we’ve watched the search engines develop those formulas for page rank. We know that you need to be selective, and we are. That’s why our clients can be found on Page One.

Blog Posting is a Good Way to Improve Your Page Rank

Your blog is one of the most powerful SEO tools that you have; especially now when quality content is weighted so heavily by the algorithms that determine search engine page rank. The spiders that index websites are attracted to regular blog posting of dynamic content. By writing and scheduling those posts at regular intervals you’ll be enticing spiders to come back over and over again. Each time they do, your page rank will improve. Use the right keywords in your posts and your rank will jump to the top of search engine page one in no time.

If the previous paragraph was a little too technical for you, think of it this way. A small website with very few pages is not a very big target for internet traffic that is constantly moving back and forth across the web. Some of that traffic is looking for what you have to offer, but they won’t visit you if they can’t see you. Add more pages and you’ll become a larger target. Blog posts are one of the best ways to do that.

Organic SEO is done by building up the number of links that go back to your website. Search engines count internal links as well, so anchor text in a blog post leading to an interior page of your site can also improve your page rank. For even better results, you can syndicate blog posts using RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Here at SEO911, we register your RSS feeds with multiple directories and social bookmarking sites. Each of those registrations can bring you dozens of new backlinks every time you post.

Can you see the value of using your blog? If it seems like too much work or you just don’t have the time, we’re happy to do it for you. Our search engine optimization specialists can build you a custom blog, have our writers create some quality and informative content for you, and register your site and feeds with hundreds of directories. We can even connect your social network home pages so all your friends and followers can see what your company is up to. Contact us to learn more.

Local Internet Marketing Can Improve Your Sales Lead

The Internet can bring a lot of advantages to your site, with lower cost and wide distribution of information to global audiences. Local internet marketing provides immediate response from prospective clients. Local internet marketing is not only dependent on the use of one media, like forum posting or blog posting, it also enlists help from organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) SEO.

The good thing about local internet marketing is that, a small business or company can now have the ability to reach offshore clients from all over the world. Visibility is no longer an issue with local internet marketing. It is a good way to enlist help to increase your sales lead. This is perhaps the most low cost, as well as measurable and high conversation rate campaign ad, that you can use to help boost your revenue.

The most reliable method for local internet marketing is through the use of the search engine optimization. There are two types of SEO: organic SEO and PPC SEO. These two search engines differ, such that organic SEO does not require you to pay any amount for every click that the prospective customer makes into your site, unlike the PPC SEO, wherein you are required to pay for every click-through a client makes.  This is especially true if you are already directed on the landing site which is the first page placement of your product or services that you are selling.

It is difficult to make an ad campaign of your site on your own, especially if you do not have any experience in this kind of field. This is the reason why, most companies hire IT people to do it for them. However, the problem with these people is that they only deal with the problem in a technical manner.

A real SEO specialist can maintain your search engine rankings by looking at the trends of the market. This means that, they not only fix the problem, they also analyze the trend of SEO and incorporate these changes in your organic SEO or PPC SEO. It is important to enlist help from specialist when it comes to SEO.

There are a lot of SEO companies out there. An example is the Los Angeles SEO that not only provides good SEO practices and management, but it is also gives option for affordable SEO. Moreover, they can customize what type of SEO befits the kind of business and budget that you have.

Local Internet marketing boosts up your revenue

The internet can bring benefits to your site, at a much lower cost, yet with wider range of distribution of information to a lot of audiences. Local internet marketing allows direct response from prospective clients. This new kind of marketing not only uses forum posting or blog posting but also enlists help from organic search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) SEO to sky-rocket your ad campaign. Moreover, small businesses or companies will be able to have an ability to reach clients from all over the world. This makes them more visible to a lot of prospective customers. This is the most cost-effective and measurable media to advertise your campaign.

Search engine optimization is a method used by many local internet marketing companies to attract a lot of prospective customers. A company needs to have a website then enlist help from SEO companies to build either an organic SEO or PPC Management for your website or first placement pages. The difference between the two is that, the organic SEO does not require you to pay any amount for every click that the prospective customer makes in your site, unlike the PPC SEO where you are required to pay for every click a client makes. This means, either you make a successful transaction with every click of the client or not, you will still end up having to pay for those clicks. Moreover, organic SEO are more popular for large businesses. However, if you are starting small, you can always rely on PPC Management. This SEO can work under a tight budget, but can still give good traffic to your site.

Optimizing your site is very hard, especially if you do not know anything about SEO. This is the reason that most big companies hire IT people to do it for them. However, the problem arises such that these IT personnel can only deal with problem in a technical manner. They do not have the capacity to analyze the trend of SEO and incorporate these trends on the current SEO that you have.  To remedy this, you can enlist help from SEO specialists to give you the full advantage of SEO. You can enlist help from a lot of SEO companies. The Los Angeles SEO provides you with affordable SEO and still be able to give high-end results. Companies, such as this, can provide small business SEO for those who are still starting a company. So start now and reap the benefits.