Small Business SEO Experts Debate The Benefits of Mobile Website Design

Today, rather than a typical blog entry, we’ve interviewed a pair of small business SEO gurus from Vancouver, Washington to ask them what they think about the purpose and functionality of mobile website design. Misters Provenzano and Danielson, both independent contractors who consult for multiple SEO firms, have more than a decade of small business SEO experience between them.

[SEO911]: So, just two questions for you both. First, is mobile website design worthwhile for a small business with a limited budget?

[Provenzano]: The short answer is ‘maybe’. Stores that are destination stores — that people know they’re going to in advance because they only ever go there if they’re making a special trip — actually don’t benefit from mobile website design as much as stores that people tend to go to spontaneously.

[Danielson]: That’s true. The benefit of having a mobile website is that people can look you up on the go, so if for example you’re a sporting goods store, people generally don’t need to look you up when they’re already on the road. They look you up at home when they realize they need a catcher’s mask or whatnot.

[Provenzano]: I mean, to a degree, everyone benefits from having their address and phone number on a mobile-friendly site, but generally Google can give them that. But if you have a store that people come to on the fly, a mobile website is HUGE. Especially in a more densely populated area; a mobile site can get hundreds of local hits a day, and most of those people are looking for whatever you’ve got. It’s great for business.

[SEO911]: OK, so what about a mobile website for an online-only small business with no front door?

[Provenzano]: Online businesses don’t really benefit as much.

[Danielson]: Disagree. In my experience, an online business that’s a genuine business — not a sales page or a squeeze page, but a genuine online storefront — can get some huge numbers from having a mobile website. People who surf on iPods love gadgets and have some disposable income, which isn’t as universally true with desktop surfers. If you cater to that in your business, you can really get a boost from a mobile website.

[SEO911]: Well, thanks for letting us take up some of your lunch break, guys. We appreciate an outside voice from time to time.