Profitable Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Accounts

We all love unexpected moments where we get more than we expected. An example is like finding a tenner behind the sofa whilst cleaning. PPC management is more or less the same and gives you the same experience and a better surprise each time. Generating traffic to your site is a must for all site and business owners. In the case for you to get more visitors to your site, you need to use brilliant keywords and you can always get help from Google AdWords. However, no matter how much SEO you have done on your site, it is important that you also manage enough time for the PPC strategy.

Does PPC Help?
One of the ways you can really know whether PPC is helping you or not is by comparing your business/sites past performance to the current statistics. In order to help you with this, Google AdWords will always come in handy as it allows you to compare efficiently on most levels, at keyword/campaign level and/or ad group.

PPC and Data
You need to take as much data as you have so you are able to compare effectively. Looking at all the accounts and even anything that has been paused is a must. You need to remember that as much data you work with, it will give you more useful and reliable results. To get some further detailed information, you can also consider looking at the conversion rate, cost per conversion and the number of conversions. You can also transfer your data into Microsoft Excel, where you will easily be able to thoroughly go through it and make quick comparisons; making the whole experience straightforward.

Next, you need to look at Cost Per Lead (CPL) for each ad group. When it comes to PPC management, the key effective is CPL. You need to answer the following questions; where is the CPL averagely sitting? Is the CPL increasing or decreasing? What are the conversion and click-through rates? Behind the changed performance, there will be many reasons that you need to know in order to investigate any differences. Once you are familiar with the issues, you can start to work on more detailed reports so you can easily get to the bottom of things. Maintaining the account on a regular basis will always give you a better and profitable PPC account.