Mobile Website Design Is A Killer App For Many Small Businesses

If you have a smartphone, a tablet, or some other kind of mobile device — and a small business — you may have often wondered how you could develop an app for your business. Something that people would think is cool and use in order to meaningfully interact with your business from their mobile device.

Did you know there’s already an app that can do that? It’s called “the internet”, and people use it everyday to interact with billions of businesses across the world. Your business doesn’t need an app — it needs to have an expert perform a mobile website redesign on your current webpage.

Mobile website redesign can mean one of a few things. If you have a top-tier web designer, it means that they’ll take your current webpage and use a technique called Responsive Design. Responsive Design teaches the website how to ask each given device “what size is your display?” — and then uses the answer to ‘filter out’ all of the extraneous content, making sure that only the most critical elements are displayed on smaller screens. The end result is a single webpage that displays intelligently on every device that might look at it.

A more affordable web designer will take your existing webpage, decide on which elements are the most important, and then design and entirely new webpage (sometimes in an entirely different markup language). They’ll make sure that those critical elements are front-and-center, easy to use, and that it’s obvious what the website is supposed to be for.

The result, either way, is a website that acts in almost every way like that app you were thinking of. It’s easily accessible (because mobile websites are designed to load quickly and not strain user’s bandwidth limitations), it performs the same fundamental functions that your main website does, and because it’s easily redirected to from your main website, it even benefits from the same small business SEO that your main website does as well.

All of the sudden, people have your business at their fingertips from the bus, from the back of the car, or from their seat leeching wifi from the local Starbucks — and they didn’t even have to buy an app to get it.