Is Blog posting an effective way to maintain the ranking of your site/blog?

Blog posting or blogging is the easiest way to talk about your products and services online. When compared with websites that need their domains to be bought, web pages to be set up using XML and HTML coding, blogs can be used by novices within no time at all. Each and every professional website has a blog associated with it. More often than not, the call to action phrase on a website has the contact number, an email address as well as a direct link to its relevant blog. Users and returning visitors get to know a lot more about the website reading these blogs. Social bookmarking websites also offer their users an option of  blog search.  Using this feature, users can search for interesting tech blogs, blogs on fashion, business blogs, blogs written by industry heads, etc.

There are many other ways of reading blogs. RSS feeds help users get constant blog updates without visiting the blog. New posts, changes in the blog layout, any change in the name of the blog, new blog groups, etc can be streamlined to fit the user’s web browser while they’re connected to the Internet. Many blog developers and coders have created widgets that can be added to the blog. For example, if you’re an avid blogger who would like your readers and visitors to see a new video you created, you can either embed the video above or below or somewhere in your blog post or add a video widget and give it a one line description of your choice.

Blogs are also an excellent platform for online advertising. Many blog services like  Blogger  from Google have an option of monetizing the blog. Once this option is chosen, relevant online ads start appearing on the blog and other pages that have relevant content. If your blog has a large base of readers due its professional layout and informative text content, good images and interesting videos, integrating it with online ad mediums will prove to be highly beneficial for your business. This will also improve its ranking.