Information about Small Business SEO

Search engine optimization is vitally important to small businesses because of the advantages that it can bring in traffic volume and increased sales. Small business SEO is targeted at obtaining a high page rank when certain keywords are searched so that they are visible to potential customers.

One of the ways this can be optimized is by the use of a quality links that are seen by search engines such as Google as a positive indicator. The term page rank is commonly thought of as a score of a web-page but in fact is a ranking system that was created by Google co-founder, Lawrence Page. The rank was calculated using an algorithm he designed that weighted links and ranking them accordingly.

This is no longer of primary importance but small business SEO specialist still take it into account when building an SEO strategy. While the direct effect is lessened the number of links that are need to effect page rank and the overall effect on trust rank is important to build the best overall strategy.

The quality of the website that the link comes from and the anchor text are important values that Google strongly reviews. The anchor text is the keywords the link is associated with and they are important in how search engines rank the website.

When a small business website optimization strategy is being put together it needs to take into account how search engines work and what will positively and negatively impact the website. Google has moved away from more easily exploited measures of ranking websites in search of relevant content and quality links so that people searching are presented with more useful results.

The use of anchor text to highlight relevant quality incoming links is a good strategy because it combines keywords and positive ranking to help improve the overall website ranking. The value of quality incoming links and identifying them with relevant anchor text is powerful way to get the most from search engine optimization. A small business SEO strategy that includes this will give the best possible results and ensure the highest possible ranking.