If Your Small Business’ SEO Company Isn’t Pushing Mobile, They Need To Update

Small business SEO companies are big right now, for good reason: there are a vast number of small businesses in the United States right, and the significant majority of them either don’t have websites or don’t really do anything functional with their websites. Obviously, there’s huge commercial opportunity that they’re passing up — opportunity that an SEO can help them take advantage of.

But just like those small businesses aren’t taking advantage of the Internet, those SEO companies that are focused entirely on desktop-oriented websites and ‘traditional’ organic SEO aren’t taking advantage of the fastest-growing segment of the search market: mobile.

Defining ‘Mobile’
It sounds like it might be a simple thing: if someone is searching on their cell phone, they’re mobile, right? Well, that’s true, but it’s not complete, because there are a surprising number of people out there who have mobile devices that don’t have a mobile connection — if you’re using a Kindle Fire, an iPod, or Samsung RAZR, for example, you have a device that is ‘mobile’ in every sense except that it’s not actually mobile — you have to have a wifi connection in order to access the Internet.

Fortunately, that’s not really an issue. I (yeah, I’m breaking the rules and talking in the first person here) went on a road trip from LA to Seattle to Detroit and back this summer, and I can tell you that there are enough free wifi hotspots all the way across the country that my wife and I were able to search for anything we needed in every city big enough to have a stoplight. McDonalds, local libraries, schools, Starbucks, Panera, Home Depot, Target, and on and on — there’s lots of wifi in the USA. Most of it, you can access from the parking lot.

Don’t Pass Up On It
The point is that there are literally multiple millions of people out there in the US alone that use their mobile devices to search for what they need. Studies said last year that 30% of total search volume in the US was mobile, and it’s only growing. If your SEO company isn’t telling you to get yourself set up for mobile traffic and get yourself listed in mobile search apps, they’re failing you — straight up.