How to use Targeted Email Marketing the Right Way?

The idea of targeted traffic being sent straight to your website seems perfect but there are some things you need to be aware of or you can spend money for no real return. Let’s look at two types of targeted traffic and how they compare. They are targeted email marketing and pay per click campaigns.

Pay Per Click
The most well known pay per click company is the industry giant Google. They as well other search engines offer a bidding system that displays a targeted advert when a nominated popularly searched keyword is searched for. An example would be  search engine optimization  and Google would accept bids from companies that wished their ad to be seen with the highest bid being seen in the top position.

The pay per click refers to the way the advertising is charged. It is not paid every time it is displayed but every time that it is clicked onto. This sends high quality potential customers to the website but the cost on popular search terms is very high and you need a very high quality landing page to convert potential customers to sales at a high enough rate to justify the expense.

Targeted Email Marketing
The basis of targeted email marketing is creating a list of past and potential customers and giving them a reason to opt in to receiving emails from you. This can be done in a number of ways and it is a great way of salvaging potential customers that you did make a sale to.

The list is full of potential sales and if managed properly can only get larger over time giving you direct access to a rising group of returning customers and potential customers that you can tempt to purchase something from your business.

A great way to approach new additions to the list is to send a welcome email with a short introduction to the business and products and some sort of offer such as a discount or a tip about your niche area. Then follow up at regular intervals or if you have a special offer. This is a very low cost way of marketing and by offering value you can get an explosion of sales by being diligent.