How to Use Social Bookmarking To Improve Visibility

The most important part of business is letting the customer know that you have the product that they are looking for. If they do not know your business then they cannot purchase from you. A great way to improve your visibility is to use social bookmarking.

This allows people on the internet to search, share and recommend these bookmarks. There are many popular sites and their huge numbers of users combine to rate and recommend things that they are interested in.

The ability to identify a user that has made a good comment or tag and then look at other bookmarks that they have made creates a web that can quickly boost the popularity of products, websites and media. The interlinked way that they are stored and tagged encourages interesting or unusual items to be quickly reviewed making them available to others for further comment.

Top Sites
There are many popular sites that have different approaches to social bookmarking but have similar ways of promoting content and gaining comments.

  • Buzz Feed: Here you can see content that is about to or is going viral.
  • Digg: This is an older site that has a long history of commenting and raising the profile of interesting content and news stories on the internet.
  • Reddit: This is a user driven website that allows posting of text and links. Then people are free to vote to determine where it appears on the website.
  • Stumble Upon: This is a different sort of search engine that relies on users to rate content including websites, pictures and videos.
  • Twitter: One of the most popular social media sites that use short 140 character messages and links to communicate. There is a hash tag system and the ability to have followers makes it a must have tool for any business.

The popularity of these sites has led to some people using techniques such as false accounts and spamming to increase the visibility of their product or website. There is a constant battle to remove these posts and tags so that the websites maintain their credibility. This highlights how important social bookmarking has become as a marketing tool.