How to Approach Blog Posting so it Works

The blogosphere is littered with one or two post wonders where people set everything up and then for whatever reason abandoned their shiny new blog. Here are some ways that will help you get into a better frame of mind so that you get into the habit of blog posting regularly.

Are You A Serial Blog Killer?
If this is you then no matter if you are doing this for your business or personally you are leaving a trail of blogs abandoned and not being updated. Having several blogs is common but if you have little formal writing experience the time it takes to make a single coherent and informative post can leave you constantly put off updating your blogs.

The solution is to backup and delete any blog you haven’t got time for and only concentrate on a single or a couple of core blogs. This takes away the pressure and lets you do your best for the one or two blogs that you are concentrating on.

Always Be Regular
The number one rule is to post regularly! This will help you to build your audience and also contribute to any SEO that you are using the blog for. It is far less important to have the perfect blog than to have a good blog that is posted at regular intervals.

Have a System
It is important to have a system to how you write you approach blog posting. This means having times that you do things. You might like to choose a topic in the morning, write a list of points in the afternoon and flesh out the blog in the evening. You may prefer to set aside a block of time to do the whole process. As long as you have a system you sticking to it is easier and producing posts becomes less of a problem

Write Down Ideas
If you have a sudden inspiration then write it down almost every phone has an area you can add notes or record your voice. Take the time to get your idea down and you will find it much easier to make great content for your blog posting.