Gaining Organic SEO: The Basics!!!

When wanting to gain an audience online, it really doesn’t matter what your content is about, or if the design of your website is eye-catching anymore. Up until a few years ago, the only and most relevant way to attract attention from the search engines to your site would be to pay a group of technical gurus to cheat your way into the charts by finding the way to work the search engines ranking algorithm. Luckily for users today and for developers as well, search engines have noticed this and now demand a whole different quality for your site to be listed.

Five Keys to the Kingdom

There are five things you need to achieve from your website’s configuration and behavior in order to rank high up in search engines. These don’t work separately, but as a whole to gain organic SEO:

  • Your content needs to be relevant: sites which don’t carry unique proprietary content are ranked much lower than sites that have stolen or that only refer to content generate by another site.
  • In order for the search engines to know what your site is about, you need to locate titles and labeling, as well as proper keywords into your site and highlight them in some visual and/or coded manner.
  • When everything is said and done, two websites on the same subject might tie scores for a position in the search engine, and that is where the presence in social websites makes the difference.
  • But the image must also convey a thought-leadership position in order to be taken seriously
  • External Links will also be key to your site’s ranking, but at this point, if your site can comply with the previous four points it will most surely be a landmark on the internet for the subject at hand.

Don’t Try This At Home

But even if it doesn’t you really need the help of a professional SEO specialist to get it right. It may sound simple at first, but they are the only ones who truly know how a search engine will rank your site and how to optimize it to gain some new customers. It will surely heighten your potential working around them as they are a marvel to see, but only they hold the secret on achieving true organic SEO.