Fundamentals of Small Business SEO

It can be very discouraging when you look at how many large businesses are at the top ranking of search engines. There are some common keywords that attract million dollar budgets and make it impossible to compete. This is why small business SEO is so vital, it not only needs to take into account the best practices and techniques but it also needs to target customers so that money is spent in places where it will result in more visitors and more sales.

Finding Your Niche
It is important to start with identifying your particular market niche and then targeting it aggressively. Instead of trying to compete with the heavyweights by narrowing your focus you can expend your SEO budget in a way the gets to your target audience without directly competing with the large companies.

Finding the People Ready to Buy
When you use a more focused technique you can target people that are not looking for information that may purchase a product service in the future but people that have made the decision and want to buy right now! This can be done by carefully choosing keywords and researching the market. Top SEO companies that specialize in small business SEO are experienced in using lesser keywords that are used more often when people are ready to purchase.

Multiple Keywords
A great technique that fits the model of finding niches and directly targeting them is using multiple keywords. This can involve several keywords or even hundreds of keywords depending on how large a campaign and how many niches you have identified and targeted. It is common to have several different landing pages so that visitors that are delivered by the SEO techniques are brought to a tightly focused offer page that takes advantage of their identified wish to make a purchase.

Location SEO
Using location based searches as a way to focus customers on your website and can be a helpful technique. This allows customers that are close by to find you in searches and should include local suburbs and neighboring area names so that you get the widest possible exposure when people are searching. This can be particularly good for use in new websites being built using small business SEO techniques for businesses that had previously used local directories and the yellow pages as their primary marketing tool.