Forum Posting, Blog Posting, Social Bookmarking, Directory Submission…Are You Tired Yet?

Man, there’s a lot to do when you’re trying to perform basic SEO for a website. We’ve all learned by now, given Panda, Penguin, Farmer, and the other Google updates that it’s a bad, bad, bad, bad idea to use automated backlinking services. Whether it’s as simple as a directory submission daemon that submits a link to 10,000 directories in 15 minutes or a complex, multifaceted backlinking scheme like the now-defunct BuildMyRank, Google will figure out when you’re scamming illegitimate backlinks, and they well punish your sorry butt for doing it.

So the only thing that’s left is to build legitimate, white-hat backlinks the slow way: by hand. But who has time to spend a few hours each day developing a relationship with a few different forums (for forum posting backlinks, natch), plus a few more each day carefully crafting killer custom content to put up on your blog (posting at least twice a week, mind you), plus a few more each day doing utterly brainless directory submissions to make sure your website has the proper “background radiation” of low-value, low-effort links, plus a few more every day busting out your social bookmarking skills on Pinterest and Reddit and then tacking the obligatory interaction with the followers on Twitter and Facebook?

I got tired writing that sentence, much less actually doing all of the stuff id describes. That kind of online marketing isn’t something that’s realistic for a small business to achieve in-house, end of story. But it’s something that businesses that want to be successful in the Internet arena basically have to get done.

That’s why a bunch of clever people got together a decade and a half ago and invented the SEO company. You pay us money, and we have a huge team of dedicated experts who actually get their daily grins by romancing abstruse forums, Tweeting to your customer base, and yes, even by copy-pasting your information into hundreds of nearly-identical directories. Does it cost a bit more than it would for you to do it in-house? Of course — we’re experts, and there’s a lot of us working for you for your few hundred bucks each month. Is it worth it? You’re darn right is.

If you don’t believe it, try blowing a few days of your life on it and see how you feel. Then let us do what we do best, and we’ll leave you to take care of the utterly incomprehensible and bafflingly tedious (to us) thing you call “running the rest of your business.”