First Page Placement in Google Is Still The Best Source of Traffic Ever

Statistically speaking, the first page of Google is absolutely still where it’s at. It would be nice to think that all of those companies who have websites which rank 45th for their main search term occasionally get noticed, but the sad truth is they will almost never be seen by anyone who is doing a Google search for their term.

At the moment, those ranked number one for a particular search term, will receive a click through rate of over 36%. That’s over a third of all people searching, selecting the first natural link. 58% of searchers choose one of the three top results, and an amazing 89% of people searching on the web will select their chosen website from the first page of Google. Yes, that means only one in ten people ever go to the second page of the search engine page results.

This is all well and good, but it’s not too much help for anyone who has a site which is languishing for the search terms for which is supposed to rank. Of course there is plenty that you can do, and the first step realistically should always be to find an SEO company who are committed to improving your rankings in an ethical manner. With the recent panda and penguin updates, it’s important you only utilise organic SEO techniques. Receiving a penalty from Google is hardly going to help you to climb to the top of the search results tree.

To get first page placement you need a good SEO company and a decent site. If you continue to create high quality content and you freshen things up and back up your site with social media pages, then you have every chance of improving your rankings. It’s absolutely critical that you reach the zenith that is the first page of Google search results, because without that you’re really nowhere.