Find Top Guest Post Prospects with Organic SEO Services

If you are after an effective way to building your reputation online as well as getting real backlinks, then guest posting is certainly your answer. In terms of traffic and exposure, guest posting opens a variety of doors for you and your business and uses organic SEO to rank your site. Whilst the guest poster receives exposure, the blog host also gets unique content, which means it’s a win-win situation. In order for this to work efficiently, you need to be writing posts for high-quality blogs, which receive targeted traffic and are relevant to your niche.

Posting on Blogs
When it comes to which blogs to post on, then this can be hard, which is why I make it easy! When searching for blogs within the same niche as yours, you will obviously face a million different ones. This is why it is important you carry out a few advanced search queries so you can find several blogs where you are able to post fresh content on. If your site is well-established and you know many people from the same niche, then you could always ask to guest post on their blogs.

Guest Posting Community
Joining a guest posting community is also of much assistance as there are several online, who are ready and looking for several gust bloggers with new and fresh content. Blog directories are another place for where you can find some guest posting opportunities. Find the right blog, check the popularity and simply contact the owner. You will always find lots of audience who are looking for services like yours.

Using Social Media Sites
Social media sites such as Twitter can also be used to help identify guest post opportunities and this is another method that uses organic SEO. Using Twitter, you can also find blogs that are highly followed and highly ranked, where you can write content and in return get a backlink. It can also be used to announce your intention, which could in fact have several blog owners coming to you. Google+ and Facebook can also be used to help find relevant blogs and/or to increase the awareness of your intentions and what you are after.