Eyes On Your Site: The Unadulterated Traffic-Making Power of Organic SEO

There’s exactly one thing that even the cleverest, most awesome website needs in order to be successful: it needs eyes. Specifically, lots of other people’s eyes, looking at it on their monitors, smartphone screens, and other display devices. So how do you go about getting eyes on your site?

There are as many answers are there are websites, but by and large, the most functional method as determined by market share is organic SEO. Organic SEO accounts for upward of 80% of all visitors to all websites across the Internet. When you stop to think about it, it’s obvious why: ask yourself how many times you’ve used a search engine in the past few weeks versus how many times you’ve clicked on an advertisement or typed the name of a website that you saw on a billboard or on someone’s car into the address bar.

Search engines are, no pun intended, the engine by which the Internet works. It should be no surprise, then, that SEO — Search Engine Optimization — is the gas pedal that squirts hot fuel into your website’s visitor log, setting it on fire…yeah, that metaphor just died. Point being, SEO — done properly, at least — outstrips every other kind of traffic trick (with the possible exception of pay-per-click done by a talented PPC management team, but that’s a different article.)

So what is ‘done properly’? Quite simply, it means that you have an SEO company that delves deep on the keyword research. They should be willing and able to write up an analysis of what your top competitors for each major keyword are doing, and a plan for how to unseat them and take over. Then they should be able to tell you what they’re doing each month to work toward those goals — that’s a minimum.

SEO companies have a tough job, and the market is fiercely competitive — but it’s also absolutely vital to the functioning of businesses on the Internet. Finding the right SEO company for you is the foremost task of anyone and everyone who wants eyes on their website.