Exemplary responsive website design

Creating even a very basic responsive website is a fantastic start to your successes as a mobile ready website, and the increase in attention your website received should have an overnight increase. But once your base is firmly established it’s important to keep building to make your site as competitive as possible.

Here we’ve listed some really impressive, exemplary responsive website design features that are sure to add an edge to your mobile website.

Make use of touchscreen
It’s such a great way to take responsive design one step further and make the user experience on your site that little bit more enjoyable to your user. Use clean icons and ghost buttons to make touch navigation more simple, and make sure scrolling is smooth. It’s also not a bad idea where possible to re-format content to read more horizontally rather than down the page, this way the pages slide in an and rather than the user scrolling point to point.

Use hidden menus
Hidden menus are another great way to add some space for your content and remove clutter from the sides. The result is a larger screen size to make use of for your actual content, and less distraction on the sides. It also gives a really sleek and techy user experience that’s really popular right now.

Keep it simple
Finally when designing for mobile browsing it’s absolutely key to keep your design as clean, simple, and minimal as you can. Firstly this helps with the tough job of speeding your website up, but it also helps to engage the viewer’s eye, particularly relevant when dealing with a smaller screen.

Make menu screen more simple and in general narrow the navigation through your website, again simplicity is key when designing for mobile, and will set your website apart from so many who fail.