Everything Social — Bookmarking, Buttons, Banter — ALL of it Takes Time

As a business owner you probably don’t have a lot of time on your hands. You have employees to manage, accounts to keep straight and everything else that goes along with running the day-to-day business. You may have a website on top of that that you are trying to keep under control. The problem is you don’t have enough time to maintain it.

Search engine optimization takes a lot of time. It is easy to get to the top of Google for the business you are running in your local area, as long as you have the time to spend doing it. There are so many ways to go about getting ranked that it’s hard to keep them all straight, let alone find the time to implement the plan.

One of the things that needs to be addressed when you are working on your SEO is social bookmarking. Social bookmarks require constant maintenance. That is why they are called “social”. You need to stay in touch with your friends on Facebook, make new Tweets every day and do forum posting at least a few times per week. Who has the time to stay social when you’re also running a business?

You’re going to need to get some help with your social presence in order to raise your ranking in Google. You have two options here. You can either hire somebody in-house to do it or hire a professional company on the Internet. Using somebody in your business will cost a lot more than using a separate company.

Professional SEO companies have a system in place so that everything runs like clockwork. Things get done quickly and efficiently so that the work that needs to be done on your site is kept affordable. These companies also understand exactly what Google is looking for and operate based on this data alone. When you have somebody working in-house on your SEO projects it is easy to get sidetracked and spend too much time on Facebook or Twitter when other things need to be handled as well.

You’ll get more business as you become more social on the Internet. Word will spread about your company and what it has to offer. If you haven’t yet developed a social presence, now is definitely the time to do so.