Custom Blog Creation: One Step In The Never Ending Story of Organic SEO

Custom blog creation is a staple of modern SEO, and for darn good reason — a blog has all kinds of good SEO going on.

A properly set up blog can help you automatically target a few choice keywords even if you’re not SEO savvy enough to work them into your posts. By choosing categories, tags, and even usernames that are the very keywords you want to target, you make sure that those keywords show up a few times per page. If you are SEO savvy enough to toss them into your titles and opening paragraphs, you can redouble the effects — but even if you’re a complete SEO ignorant, a custom-built blog can go a long way toward getting your rankings up just because of it’s background mechanics.

One thing that every backlink needs in order to boost your rankings is relevance. Because you create the content yourself, blogs are pretty much always relevant to the pages you link them to. You are blogging about business on your business blog and personal stuff on your personal blog, right? Then you’re pretty much good on the relevance front.

Link Structure
You’ve probably got more than one page that surfers could land on. Maybe you have a home page, an About Us page, and a Testimonials page. With your blog, you can link to each of those pages, and link to the more important pages more often. That’ll help Google decide which pages to direct traffic to. Furthermore, if you’re clever, you can help Google decide which pages on your site are relevant to which keywords by consistently linking, for example, “Custom Blog Creation” to the same page on your site — say, the one where you offer to custom-make blogs for your clients.

Freshness — in other words, unique content that’s been created recently — is one of the things that Google loves more than anything else. It’s one of the core tenants of organic SEO: fresher content is better than stale. Blogs by their very nature insist that you produce fresh content by doing your blog posting on a regular basis, so you get freshness automatically alongside your keywords, relevance, and link structures.

Yep, blogs are pretty much going to be a part of the SEO game forever — better get back to posting yours!