Creating your small business SEO campaign

It can be tricky to work out where to start when creating a small business SEO campaign. You’re unlikely to have a dedicated department of experts, and you might not necessarily have the technical understanding to know your way around SEO.

With a few simple fundamental building blocks though (all of which are affordable if not free) you can have a solid long-term SEO campaign in place.

Firstly just take a look at your website and be critical. What are the current design flaws? How could navigation around your site, both for your visitors and search engine crawlers, be tidied up for a more smooth experience? How are your pages formatted? Are they consistent? and make sure they’re easy on the eye.

There is plenty a small business can do to improve the standard of it’s website without spending a fortune. Some other design related tips could be use simple or subtle colour schemes, and don’t use too much media.

One investment that is absolutely essential, at least it’s absolutely worthwhile to any small business is mobile / responsive design. I’m sure by now you may have heard that more than half of all web browsing is done on mobile devices, and it just seems an enormous waste to abandon that huge segment of your audience.

Another great basic tip for small business SEO campaigns is to look at what your competition are doing. Every industry has its own way of using the web, and looking for trends in how your competition set up their websites can give you some useful pointers.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, you need to focus hard on your content. Most small businesses had fairly static content, meaning that the information you put on it stays on the website for a long time. If this is the case it’s particularly important, but for all websites content needs to be one of your core priorities as it will largely determine your online success and popularity.