Checklist for Mobile Website Design

Today, there are millions of web-enabled devices that are being sold globally. This is due to the popularity of mobile website design and its benefits. Now, many mobile users use their personal device for things like business conversions, which is why it’s a good idea to design one. Not only does it get the message across quickly and effectively, but can also increase brand/product awareness resulting in an increase in traffic.

Creating a Mobile Website
Creating a mobile website design is not a bad idea, ensuring it is done well and with no errors. Below is a checklist for the mobile web design, which will help you by minimizing any mistakes that you could make whilst you’re in the middle of creating the mobile site.

Specification of Mobile Web Design
– Does the website feature contact information on all the pages? Each click the mobile website receives will add to the  user distress list, which will leave a negative effect and could cause them to not return. If your contact is listed on all pages, then regardless of the page they are on, they will always have this essential info.
– Does your mobile website include a call to action? Can users easily see it and access it?
– Are huge chunks of text avoided in your mobile web design?
– Have you, yourself tried to browse your site using a variety of mobile devices?
– Is the content on your site easy to read and bulleted?
– Is the use of large images avoided on your mobile website?
– Are tables, frames and cookies avoided on your mobile web design?
– Is the navigation of your site easy for visitors to use in a small screen, or will they have to go through fumbling to load a correct page?
– Are the fonts of your website common, simple and easy to read?
– Are absolute measurements for all objects avoided on your site?
Extra Pointers for Mobile-Designed Sites
Listed above are some of the very important factors that require attention before you can go any further. Something that is hard for you will also be hard for others. So, you need to ensure everything is perfect and there isn’t a slightest error. If visitors can easily use it, chances are they will definitely return. Alternatively, you could ask a few friends or family members to run through the site, just to ensure everything works fine and to get some feedback.