Building Off-Site SEO by Blog Posting

One of the factors that contributes to your ranking score in online search engines is whether or not you have some external reference, or external links pointed at your site. This is called off-site SEO and it is supposed to be based on the fact that if your site is being pointed at, it must be because it has something interesting, which also builds up some credibility among users. The problem is that not all of these links will be good publicity so here are some issues to have in mind when trying to build off-site SEO by blog posting.

Not All Publicity Is Publicity At All

  • There are several reasons this phrase is true when it comes to blogging and back links. First of all, some search engines have banned blogs because of their publicity sales, so be careful and check who and where you are signing up.
  • Other thing to have in mind is to write articles that are really unique and that make you stand out from the rest  if your article is not unique it will probably be detected and ignored by search engines.

Be Careful Who You Rub Your Shoulders With

  • Along with these last point, try to have in mind that if your article is posted on a general interest blog it may have less relevance, but if your article is posted on an industry-specific blog it is more likely to be less unique.
  • Also remember that your article may end up on the same blog as your competition, or sensitive material which you don’t want your product or service to be related to, such as adult or political content.

The Promotion of a Promotion Is Not a Promotion

  • Finally, some blogs re post what other blogs have published, or they promote other blogs which creates kind of a blog network. Sometimes you will be tempted to participate in this, but you should know that when this happens, your article simply fades away in the rankings because the repetition ends up taking away its relevance.

These are a few, but very important factors you should have in mind when blog posting. If you can get your article to be unique, and on a specific unnecessarily over-promoted blogging network you will most likely start to see the benefits of off-site SEO in just a few days.