Boosting Organic SEO by Optimizing Links

A key area of any website is the links that make up all of the internal and external connections that ideally lead people to the website and give you an opportunity to sell them your products or services. Links are important in organic SEO because the search engines follow them and can increase a web pages ranking from high quality links.

Some Areas to Check to Boost SEO
Links that are broken or lead to pages that have no other connections are simple areas that you can simply fix giving you an organic SEO boost. The crawlers for search engines mark down sites that have bad links or links that it cannot follow and this means that with little effort you can make sure you are maximizing your ranking on search pages.

If you are using Javascript or Flash then it your links may not be picked up by search engines. This can make the hard work you have put invisible. Text links and properly formatted tags can make certain that the crawlers fully identify every link giving you the highest possible ranking. It also helps to make certain that every page is indexed so keywords are maximized and all of your content is taken note of.

Linking Landing Pages
It is common to have landing pages for specific products and services. A great way to build organic SEO is to have links to and from your landing pages to other landing pages. This not only improved the SEO of the website but can also help you to make cross selling opportunities improving the conversion rate.

Sitemaps Improve SEO
A simple way that your website can ensure that all pages are viewed by the crawling engines for websites is to have an XML sitemap. These are not difficult to generate and are a low cost way to maximize the visibility of your site to search engines. They are also appreciated by some people that will visit your website and would like to be able to look at your entire sites contents when deciding on what pages to visit.

You website designer can add in the code that produces the XML sitemap very simply. Usually there is a link on the homepage so that it can be easily found by website visitors and search engines alike.