Article Writing and Distribution: As Long As Content Is King

The phrase “Content is King” has been around for almost a decade now, and people still don’t seem to get it. They want to get their SERP rankings up by creating backlinks to thousands of low-value pages because it’s easy. The truth is that if you want to dominate the SERPs in the long-term — if you want to become a brand instead of a business — you need article writing and distribution, or as it’s become known lately, “content marketing”. It’s true no matter how big or small you are.

People seem to have this notion that small business SEO necessarily means inexpensive strategies that produce noticeable but not overwhelming results using 2nd-tier or long-tail keywords. The truth is that if you put forth the effort up front and hit the ground running by putting out high quality content, you can skip all of that and go directly to the big time.

What is high-quality content? Simple: it’s content that evokes emotions in the people who read it. Content that makes them want to interact — makes them want to comment, share, and otherwise talk about what they just read, watched, or heard. There’s lots of ways to achieve that goal.

Radio shock-jocks from Limbaugh to Stern have learned that saying outrageous things that you can (mostly) back up with facts is a great way to earn an audience. Major corporations from McDonalds to Johnson & Johnson have made huge money by associating themselves with things that are friendly, family-oriented, and fun. Internet meta-marketers appeal to people’s desire to make mountains of money overnight and promise the moon even if they know that only one in a thousand people who sign up will succeed to the degree they portray.

If you’re a small business and you’re trying to make a splash, your first order of business shouldn’t be learning what kinds of backlinks make for good off-page SEO these days: it should be studying your own industry and finding out what people think about it. What they care about that’s relevant. If you can create content that makes people think about your industry, your business, your products — you win.