Algorithms Change, but Organic SEO is Still the Only Path to Internet Success

A few short months ago, Google changed the rules. It’s happened before, never on quite the same scale, but there is always the risk of change when you’re in the organic SEO industry. We know because we’ve been in business for over ten years. When Google changed its algorithm to basically make link farms obsolete, none of our clients were affected, because we never used link farms as part of our SEO strategy. Our link builders only work with established websites and directories that offer real value to the internet user. Instead of losing ground after the change, our clients positioning improved.

How does all this work? It’s simple really. Google and other search engines have formulas that determine who gets what position on which page when an internet user puts a keyword or phrase into the search box. Those formulas are called algorithms and they contain a complex set of variables all weighted differently to reflect the importance of individual aspects of your website. The exact details are kept confidential, but some variables are clearly more important than others. Relevant content, for instance, has always been considered one of the primary factors in calculations.

Another variable in the algorithms is links, or backlinks to your site. This is the area most affected by the changes earlier this year, since Google basically de-valued any sites that were established to be a collection of links with little or no valuable content. These sites, known as portals orlink farms were often part of paid link building packages shortcuts to getting a high page rank. Those who bought into those packages are finding now that there are no shortcuts. They’re back in page engine oblivion. Meanwhile, our small business SEO clients are moving up and filling the gaps left vacant by them.

Article writing and distribution still works, but only if you submit original content to one directory at a time, and the directory should have an editorial process if you expect to get any link juice from it. The same rules apply to regular directories. Make sure they’re not just another link farm in disguise. Blog posting can also help you attain a higher page rank. You can contact us about that. We’ve had tremendous success with it, along with all of the other organic SEO techniques we use.