Affordable SEO Is Not DIY SEO

There’s an extraordinarily common myth that is rarely outright stated, but is heavily implied across a large part of the novice Internet Marketing world: that in order to get affordable SEO, you have to do the grunt work yourself. Oodles of people on sites like the Warrior Forum and in activities like the 30 Day Challenge will tell you that you can (and imply that you should) learn how to build all kinds of backlinks yourself.

“It’s easy”, they say, “All you have to do is write Web 2.0 pages, create social bookmarks, write articles, comment on blogs, do some forum posting, and create a blog of your own to talk about your area of expertise.”

I’m here to tell you that that’s a load of crap, and tell you in very clear terms why. See, internet marketers are human, no matter what they might want you to believe. They don’t have twenty seven hours every day to engage in all of this work — and they need it. The Internet isn’t some gold mine where anyone can come along and decide to write up a few pages on Squidoo and HubPages and magically get enough traffic to do anything at all.

The truth is simple: affordable SEO isn’t do-it-yourself SEO. Affordable SEO still costs money — what makes it affordable is that it works. In other words, it brings in more money than it costs in the long run. (Like any other startup business, if you can’t afford to go into the red for a few months while your SEO efforts kick in, you shouldn’t be going into business in the first place.)

What affordable SEO is: it’s hiring a group of people who have the expertise to be able to work together across various fields — for example, I’m a writer — surprise! — and I work alongside other people who know how to do things like manage pay-per-click advertising and set up targeted email autoresponders and write PHP scripts for membership sites. It’s getting those people to work together to craft a ring of backlinks and backlinks to those backlinks, in order to craft a funnel that directs massive traffic to a webpage that has proper on-site SEO and converts well. It’s profiting from that setup, and profiting to the point where paying for the SEO in the first place becomes trivial.