A Small Business SEO guide that’s simple

Welcome to our guide to doing small business SEO in a big way.

Though in many respects, the rules underpinning SEO are the same regardless of the size of your enterprise. However, your priorities will be very different as a small business. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at how you can focus on three core areas for small business SEO success.

As a small business competing online, it is essential that the content on your site offers something unique to your customer. If you are offering a general approach to selling a product or service that your customer could find elsewhere, then why wouldn’t they? Be sure to research your competition. But remember, nobody is in a better position to know your audience than you.

Secondly, and this point is rarely stressed, you must have a clinical approach to your website back-end. The back-end of your website is the admin portal where your website design and content is put together. It’s also a place where a great deal of organizing can be done (or not). Though your visitors will never see your back-end, they will see traces of it. For example, what your visitor sees on the search engine as the meta title and meta description of your page. Your back-end is also crawled by search engine bots, and this is why an organized website is a fantastic SEO tool in itself.

Simple design
Last but not least, a simple website design ticks many boxes for small business SEO. Firstly, simple design looks professional and makes a good first impression. Secondly, simple design allows your audience to focus on what’s most important, the content! Third, the more simple your design, the more quickly your site can run. Four, a simple design is inexpensive and easy to maintain. Sounds good, right?