3 Ways to Get More Page Likes on Facebook

Having hundreds or even thousands of likes on your Facebook page are important. After all, if you can make a strong presence on social media, you’ll be able to take your online business to the next level. Let’s take a look at three local internet marketing techniques to get more page likes on your Facebook page.

Engage, Engage, and Engage!

On social media, engagement is one of the main secrets to success and Facebook isn’t any different. In order to bring attention to your page, you’ll need to have an engaging profile as well as engage with the people who follow you. Share and comment on the statuses of others, and show that you actually care about your customers. This will automatically separate you from 99% of the online businesses who are doing it WRONG!

Frequently Update Your Status

The more often you update your status, the more shares and likes you’ll receive. But the key is to make status updates that aren’t spamming your followers. Instead, focus on sharing stuff that adds real value to your follower’s lives. If you start posting updates about how your customers should buy this or buy that, then you’ll most likely lose them forever.

Create a Contest

Tell followers that you will enter them in a contest for liking or page or sharing a specific post. Perhaps the winner could receive one of your products for free (or something similar). The thing about contests is that they’re enticing. They create buzz around your business and help spread the word about your brand. As an online business owner, you can’t ask for from this local internet marketing technique, right?


Remember: don’t spam your followers with countless offers on your products. Instead, think outside the box and think of ways of engaging them without having to trying to actively sell them stuff. You’d be surprised by just how effective these techniques can be.