3 Reasons local internet marketing is crucial

So many businesses operating online focus their marketing campaigns more at the wider public, even when they aren’t necessarily meaning to. So many use a kind of autopilot setting without necessarily considering the benefits of focussing on a smaller, more targeted audience.

Local internet marketing is beneficial for so many reasons, 3 in particular we’d like consider in this post. It’s also worth mentioning that local internet marketing can be done in a variety of ways, many of which are affordable if not completely free.

So firstly local marketing is direct and responds precisely to a precise search. If someone requests a hair salon in LA then companies which mention they’re based in LA in their content are going to feature more immediately and receive more attention from users.

Also local internet marketing is relevant. So many businesses operate on the basis of making money at the point of sale, all retail companies, restaurants, salons, and so on. For this type of company as well as many other service industry jobs your local area is your core customer base and it makes sense to focus some energy on them. Feature on maps, and set a free google page with a photo, number, opening times and other info about your business.

Gives you a USP for first page ranking
Finally, your small window cleaning operation might not feature on the first page of Google often, but if you’re really precise about your location, and take advantage of other forms of local internet marketing then for local searches you just might reach the top spot for a Google search.

Imagine your customer is waking in your neighborhood looking for the service your provide on google and they can with a few clicks be directed to your front door by gps. These are just a few examples of why taking advantage of local internet marketing is a must.