Finding affordable SEO for your budget

If you’ve found your way to this page then like many others, you’re on the lookout for affordable SEO. Fortunately, you’re in luck! Many of the most prominent SEO techniques are cost-effective for the results they produce. In this post, we’ll be focusing on only the most cost-effective measures that you can take.

Unfortunately, there is no set rate that I can list here that will apply to all websites and all web developers. All costs should, however, be proportional to the size of the task (and the size of your website). All of the below are low priced relative to setting up a website.

First of all, keyword research and implementation within your content is an extremely cost effective measure and is fundamental to proper website SEO. Keywords have been used since the dawn of the Internet, though the way we use them has changed.

Keywords work because search engines use robots, called crawlers, to scan through the content of each page of your website. These crawlers get an understanding of what your website is about by finding keywords on your page.

Responsive design
Next up, is responsive design. Responsive design is all about building a website that works on multiple platforms including mobile phones and tablet devices. If you’ve ever clicked onto a site while browsing on your mobile only to find that the site doesn’t work as it normally does, then you’ve seen what can happen when responsive design is missed. Plus, if you’re building your site from scratch, it will cost more or less the same to build your site to be responsive from the start.

Finally on our list of affordable website SEO practices, is blogging. Creating a blog on your site is cheap, and it can be added to and managed for as little as nothing if you’re happy to do it yourself.